capture the moment


Smile Security can offer a free quotation based on a customer’s needs and budget. CCTV is now considered critical in crime prevention and detection. The application of CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in home and commercial systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance, and access control surveillance all help to protect what most important to you.



Cameras are a great deterrant and will encourage someone to “think again” or just continue moving down the street. You significantly reduce your risk of becoming a statistic. Our systems provide remote viewing via smart devices, so quickly check up on your home whenever you like, especially when on holidays to view pets, possible storm damage, or just two came to your front door.


Find the Right Equipment

Lighting considerations and camera lens size are critical to getting the right result. Smile Security will listen to your requirements and show you how you can affordably get a fantastic result with cameras that suit your budget and home. We have many options and the choice is yours.


Social Media

Social media today provides police with a means to quickly identify people from an image or video. this is gaining prevalence and criminals are finding themselves with fewer places to hide. a Smile Security CCTV system will provide the images police can actually use to ensure use to ensure a successful outcome.